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Nevada Hospice Care | Breavement

Bereavement & Spiritual Services

Nevada Hospice Care provides bereavement services to the families/caregivers of hospice patients both before and after the patient’s death in accordance with the plan of care (if appropriate, bereavement services will extend to families/caregivers of SNF/ICR residents). The purpose of these services will be to facilitate a normal grieving process and to identify and appropriately refer those persons who may be experiencing pathological grief reactions that may interfere with the eventual resolution and integration of their losses.

The purpose will also be to prepare the individual to function independently of hospice and to identify a support system with the individual. Bereavement services will be coordinated, insofar as possible,  with the individual’s clergy, if any, as well as with other community resources judged to be useful and beneficial to the family/caregiver.

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