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Nevada Hospice Care | Volunteers

Volunteer Support

Nevada Hospice Care LLC will provide volunteer services under the direciton of a Volunteer Coordinator and with the assistance of trained hospice volunteers. The duties and responsibilities of the volunteer coordinator and volunteers will be identified in appropriate job descriptions.

1. Patient care volunteers provide personal care or emotional support and practical assistance which enhance the comfort and quality of life for patients and families/caregivers. These services include being available for companionship, listening, simply “being there,” and preparing meals. Patient care volunteers may also provide relief for caregivers or assist them with household chores.

2. Bereavement volunteers provide anticipatory counseling and bereavement support to families/caregivers.

3. Errands and transportation volunteers offer a type of practical support often needed by hospice patients and families/caregivers. These duties may include picking up needed prescriptions or supplies, or grocery shopping.

4. Office volunteers lend their services working in hospice’s administrative offices. These activities may include assembling information packets, filing,  photocopying, and assisting with mailings.

The volunteer coordinator will arrange for volunteers to provide volunteer support to patient and family/caregiver in accordance with the plan of care.

The Volunteer Coordinator will track the use of volunteers, the cost savings achieved, and that the hours of volunteer services will exceed 5% of the total patient care hours of paid and contracted hospice personnel. The Volunteer Coordinator will provide an annual report to the Governing Body to demonstrate the cost savings of volunteer activities.

The Volunteer Coordinator will document ongoing efforts to recruit, train, and retain volunteers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Retention activities may include:

A. Support groups

B. Partnering with other volunteers

C. Recognition events

D. Regular communication

E. Changing assignments as necessary


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